Gaia Railways

Gaia Railways: Affordable Hydrail and Hydrolley Solutions

Gaia Railways LogoGaia Railways is based in Scranton, PA. We look to create a new sustainable way for communities/ cities to provide rail service by harnessing hydrogen based technology.

As the gas prices raise higher and higher every day, our oil based society needs to change. Hydrogen technology has been around since the early 1900’s, but oil and gas prices have always been cheaper by comparison until now. Unfortunately, our economy has been built on the fact that we use gas powered cars, trucks and trains to move people and product throughout the North America and the world. To try and change the infrastructure of society from a oil base to hydrogen base one would be almost impossible.

The other barrier that critics have brought is the ability to create an effective hydrogen based infrastructure that can be utilized by society. If we were looking to create a society with hydrogen cars or trucks, then I would see their point since there are no set destination points and the sheer logisitics of supply and demand would be a nightmare to implement. On the other hand, if there was a set infrastructure that was “controlled” by certain stopping and departing locations then a hydrogen based infrastructure would be much easier to implement.

Gaia Railways is looking to give society the option for choice. We see a great opportunity to create a new hydrogen based infrastructure using hydrail and hyrolleys that are sustainable and eco-friendly for future generations.